MajorIndie Spotlight: Scrap Dibiase


Dibiase (di-bee-ah-see) got the nickname scrap as a kid from always hanging around the older crowd. The last name came from the wrestler Ted Dibiase, who is known as the million dollar man, reminiscent of Scrap’s million dollar flow and million dollar grind. He has been doing music for 3 years. Age 9 is when he discovered that he could rap and actually recorded for the first time at age 11. He would always freestyle and write raps, but it was not until age 20 that he decided to pursue it seri0usly. His style is a combination of lyricism, swag, and street. Aside from rap he is a student at Morgan State. His crew is ATM, which stands for Addicted to Money. His musical influences range from Jay Z, Beanie Sigel, Fabolous, Z-Ro, 2pac, Dipset & Bone Thugs N Harmony. Right now he is listening to Jay of course. But, he also listens to Future, Cole, Wale, Big Krit, and Ryan Leslie. As far as his creative process, Dibiase likes to sit on a beat and let the concept come to him. Some tracks come easy, while others take time. Once he has the hook or concept, its a wrap. He is currently working on his next tape BNOM (Best Nigga Outta Maryland), which he plans to drop sometime in the 4th quarter of this year.

Check out his single Razor Ramon

Here is his other single Fast

His Website is

YouTube: atmmusic1

Twitter & IG: @sd_atm


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