MajorIndie Spotlight: Kevin Sinatra


Sinatra gets his name from combining his government name Kevin with Sinatra which he adopted in High School for a special reason that he feels will be answered over time in his music & actions. Sinatra has been rapping since elementary school. Back in the day when he lived in Maryland, he would to go to his grandfather’s house and rap on cassette tapes with his cousin in the basement.

“I guess you can say this was my way of being on BET’s former show ‘Rap City in the Basement'”

He wrote poems before he began rapping. The best was he can describe his style is Extra-Terrestrial. He likes to keep people on their toes.

“I don’t make songs I make art. So one day you might hear me on a trap beat and then the track after I am on a soulful sample giving spoken word, singing, and rapping at the same time like how I did on Sinatra Sinfonia”

Kevin is not just a rapper, he prefers the term MC. He is a man of many arts that will soon be revealed. He is also active in the community as well. Once a month he donates clothing to the shelters and foundations.

He is part of the a brotherhood called 7Seregenti. Some of Kevin’s influences are Rakim, Wu-Tang, Jay-Z, Jay Electronica, Kendrick Lamar and Mf-Doom.

“These are the MC’s I listen to in hope of building my own legacy and maybe one day having a chance to pass them on and leave my name in the sand.”

His creative process cannot be put into words because it varies from song to song or verse to verse. Could take 5 mins or spend days on and there are times where he wakes up with a picture in his head that he wants to bring to life. Then he will start writing.

Here is a few of his tracks below. The last track is his most recent video release:

His project Black America is coming soon…

Follow him on Twitter & IG: @K_Sinatra7


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