Food For Thought: College Life

college life

This sort of sums up the college life. Teachers do no care as much about students because they expect more. It does not help that they can have up to 1000 students, possibly more, of which to take care and give grades. Plus, college is WAY TOO EXPENSIVE….I feel as if the value of a college education has diminished 1) because it is more common nowadays. Masters hardly cause you to standout anymore. 2) The cost is too expensive for what you get out. I am not saying do not go to college. I am saying in college, you put in what you get out. Take advantage of the wealth of knowledge, while building your network full of teachers, students or whoever steps foot on campus. You never know who you will meet that you call upon later in life or might run into once you leave. The best knowledge you gain in college is usually outside the classroom…..Remember That

Peace & Love
Major Taylor


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