Food For Thought

food for thought

Are we slaves to our cellular devices? The original goal of the cell phone was to enhance communication of mankind. Yet, it seems that, while communication is faster, the quality is worse. Think about this. How often do you actually hold conversations on the phone? Nowadays if it is not texting, then we use some form of social media to communicate. You can find the latest generation in the same room, right next to each other, texting back and forth. I doubt that communication today was the  original vision when the cellular phone was created. Our youth lack communication & interpersonal skills due to the fact they live their lives on the cell phone. When I grew up kids were outside interacting and playing sports in the neighborhood. Nowadays all the youth are in the house on facebook, twitter, and Instagram. Grounding your child is futile if the cell phone is not taken. (Grounding is old school. Imagine being in your room for hours staring at the wall. If you are not creative, you better take your ass to sleep.) My point is that cell phones should enhance not just the time lapse of communication, but also the quality. Next time, before you text someone, pick up the phone and call them. Have face to face conversations more often. They are better for your skill-set and better for society. With text conversations it is harder to read non verbals which can lead to miscommunication. PUT THE CELLPHONE DOWN AND BACK AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER. Next time you hold a conversation, do it in person.

Peace & Love
Major Taylor


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