Monday Motivation

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Life is all about action. The people that are winning are the “doers” of our era. Many people talk but things never come into fruition because action is never taken. With taking action, comes making mistakes. Mistakes should never discourage you. Each mistake is an opportunity to learn. A mistake just shows you found another way to do something wrong. But on the positive side, you have eliminated another wrong solution, which is one step closer to getting the right solution. Look at the glass half full. If you are not making mistakes, you are not growing.

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Never wait on any person. Time does not wait for you.  Stop looking for another to solve a problem. Look at the man in the mirror. You are perfectly capable of being that somebody who makes things right or resolves a situation. Society is too busy looking for that leader. The leader is in you. Harness that ability and make a change. Any change always starts with the person who saw the problem. First change yourself, then change the world.


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