MajorIndie Submission: Woo Child – Don’t I (prod. by JBJR) [Video]

St. Louis rapper Woo Child presents the Stephen Mack-directed music video for “Don’t I”, the new single from his forthcoming EP Heirs, produced entirely by JBJR. Woo’s previous released include the single “Move” produced by Lupe Fiasco/T-Pain/Soulja Boy producer Vybe (listen), the Anywhere EP (listen), Industry Takeover (download) and Under Rated Over Achiever (download). His self-released demo Double U Double Oh spent months on’s hip-hop top ten list. Woo Child songs have been heard on WWE, MLB Network Countdown, AT&T’s Uverse Channel, Inside The PGA, The Young Turks, The NFL Jets Huddle, Jim Rome Is Burning, The Style Network, and LA Lakers games as well as video gams Saint’s Row 3 and UFC Undisputed 3. Woo Child says his inspiration for “Don’t I” was “the chaotic nature of the track, mixed with my feelings of being over looked, unsung, unheralded.  I believe every artist feels this way when they feel they’re on the cusp of something big.  Make it impossible for them to look away, to not acknowledge that they’re listening to something special, and not just your average rapper.” | Twitter [@therealwoo] | Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter [@jbjrofficial]



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