Alus- Ordinary Girl

“Very pleased to bring you the new single ‘Ordinary Girl’ from the 20 year old New Jersey artist. Alus has been making quite a name for herself over the past year and this Summer seems like it’s about to all go down. With a very successful series of music released in the month of June Alus, has built up quite a portfolio. If you have heard the uptempo hit, ‘Ordinary Girl’ previously you just might have heard it in rotation (Aired) not only by Hot 97 but NY’s 105.1 as well for a good month now. Alus is surely a female artist that is going to have her time in the industry as she continues to build from within without much need for a big feature or a co-sign as of yet. We were told you can expect more from the artist in the next few weeks as she is set to deliver a video for the single. Word is that the infamous Trackmasters have been recruited for Poke’s first official video. If you do not know who the Trackmasters are it is a duo consisting of Poke and Tone whom were later joined by Nitty and throughout their career they have worked with various hip-hop, R&B artists and stars including Will Smith, R. Kelly, Nas, 50 Cent, Jay-Z and Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and more. As they have received 7 golds and 20 platinum plaques in total over their career the team has been noted as one of the greatest hip hop producers of all time for their creative and innovative work and success. The video is going to be a must see but until then… Enjoy the single and make sure to follow Alus over on Twitter @AlusOfficial”


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