MajorIndie Spotlight: Orville The Poet

Orville The Poet

Born in Takoma Park, MD but grew up in Jamaica and Landover, MD; Orville Walker used a pen to get him through life experiences. Writing for several years he decided to share his work to the world in November of 2009 at 12th Street Lounge in Washington, DC.

Orville’s poems speak a vivid truth about the struggles of being an artist and staying constant and true to oneself. His poetry is for the voiceless that addresses the issues no others will speak of; it releases pent up emotions with his pen. Poetry has become his breath of fresh air, his meditation, and his therapy. His compelling words have been shared on several stages, in front of numerous audiences. Orville has been the featured poet at spoken word venues such as Busboys & Poets, Messiah & Friends, Indulj, Mood Lounge, and Just Wine, Cheese & Poetry.

Orville the Poet is one half of Brothers Placed to Motivate (BPM), a spoken word group formed by Anthony Passmore, aka Godson. BPM’s, founded in 2008, sole purpose is to dispel negative views on Blacks in the media and other social outlets by speaking a universal truth about the ways Blacks are portrayed. BPM hopes to reach their audiences through the power of spoken word.

Orville also commits himself to Speak Life, a mentoring program whose goal is to empower young people to see themselves outside of their current situations through mentoring, counseling and self expression through poetry.

Orville is currently in the studio completing his first album, The Soul of a Man and working on a book of collected poems.

Follow him on twitter & Instagram: @OrvilleThePoet

check out his website as well…


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