MajorIndie Spotlight: Billie Jean Bowties & Designs

Nikki Billie Jean

Nicolette Orji also known as Nikki Billie Jean is an Editor-In Chief, Published Designer, Published Stylist, & Personal Style Blogger. She is from Maryland, in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area. Nigerian American, Nikki is a graduate from Archbishop Carroll High School in Washington, D.C. (Class of 2009) and The Pennsylvania State University (Penn State) (Class of 2013).

Nikki Billie Jean 1

Her passion for fashion started in high school after she subscribed to popular Magazines such as Seventeen and Teen Vogue, participating in pageants and shopping at Vintage and Thrift Stores. But her passion for fashion was not showcased until she came to Penn State by modeling, directing,styling and making clothes for fashion shows at the school.Her sense of fashion is inspired from the 60s/70s/80s era, Janelle Monae, and her African Roots.

Nikki Billie Jean 2

Nikki Billie Jean is the Founder, Owner & Designer of Billie Jean Bowties and Designs. Billie Jean Bowties & Designs is a Vintage  African menswear inspired accessory and clothing line that caters to both men, women, and kids.( She is also the Founder, Owner & Editor-In-Chief of All Things Ankara. All Things Ankara is a blog that showcases Ankara Fashions from all over the world and is your go to site to ALL THINGS dealing with ANKARA fashion! (

Billie Jean Bowties & Designs 1

Founded in 2013, Billie Jean Bowties & Designs is a African Vintage and Menswear Inspired accessory/appareal line catering to both men, women & kids . The line is based in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area and mainly use, but not limited to, bright, bold and colorful African Prints.

Billie Jean Bowties & Designs 2

When men women and kids wear Billie Jean Bowties & Designs we want them to feel classy,confident, comfortable and have fun! 

Billie Jean Bowties & Designs 3

We strive to “go above and beyond” to provide people with electric, classy, and sophisticated gear that will stand them out from the masses.

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Designer, Nikki Billie Jean (Nicolette Orji)
All Things Ankara
Personal Style Blog, Nikki Billie Jean
Billie Jean Bowties & Designers Summer 2014 POP! Collection
Designer, Creative Director & Photographer: 
Billie Jean Bowties & Designs
Nicolette Orji ( Nikki Billie Jean)
Candiz Luke,Emmanuela Flomo & Marshall Sims
Makeup Artist: 
Emmanuela Flomo & Nicolette Orji (Nikki Billie Jean)
Troy Massa of Leone CMG , Leone Consulting & Marketing Group





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