MajorIndie Spotlight: LivLuv Culture

Hollo x LivLuv Culture 3

John “Hollow” Tucker was born and raised in PG County Maryland. Now 25 He has been designing since elementary school. He stared off with fabric paint on tees throughout high school for extra cash because he could not find a job.

Hollo x LivLuv Culture 1

Upset with his current living situation in 2010, he decided to design full time. Hollow took up sewing in 2011 from his grandmother who is a professional seamstress.

Hollo x LivLuv Culture 2

“I never was the type to run with the “in” crowd. I always wanted to stand out and use that same mentality with my fashion. Style to me is self expression and in this day and age there is to much hate in the world. If there were more love, this world would be a better place. “Inhale luv exhale hate” -Liv Luv

Hollo x Chris Barz x LivLuv Culture 1


Meet the other Young King behind LivLuv Chris Barz. When asked about style Chris says, “Fashion is self expression, there is no right or wrong if it is a reflection of yourself. If its you, its true.” Chris and John grew up together in Prince George’s County and stylistically has always been similar. This brotherly connection is why the two have been able craft designs and bring their visions to life through a double headed creativity with innovative hand crafted and sewn pieces.

Christopher Townsend, better known by his stage name Chris Barz (stylized as “x||z”) is an American rapper, record producer, pianist and singer. He was awarded a RIAA Gold Plague for his production of the intro “Don’t Hold You Applause” on Wale’s Ambition album. His passion for art is evident in all the art forms that he expresses himself in, whether it be directing videos, photography, playing instruments, or making clothes.

LivLuv Culture 1

LivLuv Culture 2

LivLuv Culture 3

Liv Luv Culture is a brand that encourages those to pursue their dreams and follow their passions. We want to encourage people to wake up everyday and love what they do. We want to inspire those to live a life full of love. In our society love is sometimes seen as a weak emotion, we believe that if there was more unity and love that it would be a better place. We express this through fashion. Our self expression and love is hand crafted, sewn and cut into each piece.

LivLuv Culture 4

LivLuv Culture 5


See more dope fashion @ and follow them

IG: @Hollow_LivLuv @chrisbarz @livluv_familia


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