The Problem With “Either…Or” & Binary Social-Media Activism

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A few days ago, one of my childhood heroes passed away. Robin Williams was brilliance itself. I went on social media and saw hundreds of friends posting pictures of their favorite  movies or quotes of his, and offering tributes to the amazing actor who lost his battle with depression and early stage Parkinson’s Disease, taking his own life. Then came statuses and memes like this:

So a white man kills himself and y’all mourn, but a white man kills a Black man and y’all don’t say anything?


I can’t wrap my head around the intent of conflating the two issues. Why can’t people be sad at the lost of a beloved celebrity AND be angry at the killing of Michael Brown? That isn’t much of a multi-task. It’s called Empathy.

I brushed it off as pseudo-intellectuallism hiding behind subverted truth. I seen it before, just about everyday in the shaming of…

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