OneWay Boobe – Understood feat Mallie SS &Dutch

Oy Boyz Reconds #OneWayWednesday campaign continues.  Listen to OneWay Boobe’s “Understood” featuring Mallie SS and Dutch.  “Understoodl” serves as the first single of OneWay Boobe’s upcoming project OG Boobe Johnson, available October 8th.

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Oneway Boobe (born Roger Vincent) is an American rapper, recording producer, entrepreneur,
actor and film producer hailing from Washington, D.C. In the last twelve years, Boobe’s grind
as an independent artist has created a national following that continues to grow with every
project released. Due in part to an unmatched work ethic and business acumen, Boobe’s hustle
has turned his OY BOYZ brand into a multi-media entertainment conglomerate.

For Boobe, entering the rap game was seen as a life changing decision that didn’t come with the
fatal outcome often found in the street life. Hopping on stage and performing in open mic shows
in the early 2000’s allowed Boobe to test the waters of the music industry. It wasn’t until 2002
after performing at a show that Boobe realized his gift for music could be a profitable move. In
that year he teamed up with the Young Farmers, and together they put out their first mixtape on
Boobe’s independent label, One Way Records.

Since the release of his first mixtape, Boobe’s career has been on a steady rise of success.
Success that hasn’t come without sacrifice. Throughout his journey of creating a name for
himself, there were times when Boobe questioned the sacrifices he’s made to become an artist.
The long nights in the studio, the time away from family, and the financial investment. In a
moment of clarity, Boobe had to remind himself that in order to become the best, temporary
sacrifices had to be made and quitting is not an option.

Maintaining a code of humility and integrity developed from his upbringing in and around the
streets has enabled Boobe to hold his own in the gritty music industry.

“I’ve learned that you must surround yourself with people who are just as hungry as you or
hungrier than you,” Boobe explained. “While I am still hands on in everything involving my
career I am learning that I do need assistance,” he explained.

By way of his OY BOYZ RECORDZ imprint (formally known as Oneway Records) Boobe is
seen as one of the originators of what is now called the DMV movement. In a city that is widely
known for the percussion laced go-go genre, rap was nearly nonexistent before the Oy Boyz
brand come to be. Creating a sound of his own with influences from Scarface, UGK, and Jay-Z
in a city like the nation’s capital is no small feat and Boobe has conquered the crown.
Now several albums in with a label loaded with raw, talented artists, the Oy Boyz is ready to
flood the industry with Boobe at the forefront. This October 2014, Boobe is set to release his
“OG Boobe Johnson” album, following up his highly acclaimed Gangsta Grillz “Boobe Trap”
album which featured the hit single “My Way” with Raheem Devaughn on the hook. “Music is like having another family,” he said. “I have to wear a lot of hats. I’m the manager,
promoter, mentor- all of that for my team,” Boobe explained.


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