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MajorIndieArt got the privilege of witnessing the #UniteAgainstRacism event. This was a collaborative effort by artists to create a piece of visual art that embodied their unity against Racism. With the increased attention on police brutality against Black Men, it was refreshing to see artists using their strengths to do their own form of protests and express their feelings. The end piece was dope to say the least. Shout out to Christian Locke for coordinating the event. Peace to everybody that was involved.

“Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.” – Mattie Stepanek

Unite Against Racism 1 Unite Against Racism 2 Unite Against Racism 3 Unite Against Racism 4 Unite Against Racism 5 Unite Against Racism 6 Unite Against Racism 7


29 Clever Drawings

Polish artist Pawel Kuczynski has worked in satirical illustration since 2004, specializing in thought-provoking images that make his audience question their everyday lives. His subjects deal with everything from social media to politics to poverty, and all have a very distinct message if you look closely enough…

Pawel Kuczynski 1 Pawel Kuczynski 2 Pawel Kuczynski 3 Pawel Kuczynski 4 Pawel Kuczynski 5 Pawel Kuczynski 6 Pawel Kuczynski 7 Pawel Kuczynski 8 Pawel Kuczynski 9 Pawel Kuczynski 10 Pawel Kuczynski 11 Pawel Kuczynski 12 Pawel Kuczynski 13 Pawel Kuczynski 14 Pawel Kuczynski 15 Pawel Kuczynski 16 Pawel Kuczynski 17 Pawel Kuczynski 18 Pawel Kuczynski 19 Pawel Kuczynski 20 Pawel Kuczynski 21 Pawel Kuczynski 22 Pawel Kuczynski 23 Pawel Kuczynski 24 Pawel Kuczynski 25 Pawel Kuczynski 26 Pawel Kuczynski 27 Pawel Kuczynski 28 Pawel Kuczynski 29 Pawel Kuczynski 30



Finally Free From Earthly Burdens

dope art

Fan Art: The Weeknd

The Weeknd Fan Art

Dope Art: “Hide The Pain”

Hide The Pain

Random Dope Art That I Find

Dope Art

Dope Art

Dope Art

Dope Art

Dope Art

Dope Art

Dope Art

Camille W.- Paper Boy The Prince

Paper Boy The Prince by Camille

Follow the artist @therealcamillew on IG…

Heather Rooney: Clint Dempsey

Heather Rooney Art

Dope Artwork: DC Young Fly

DC Young Fly

shout out @david813

Disc Art: Bob Marley

Bob Marley Disc Art

They don’t call us the Canvas Where Dope Art Lives (aka Home of the Dope Shit) for nothing……………………..

Dope Art

dope art

MajorIndie Spotlight: Kiranjeet Kaur

Kiranjeet Kaur 1

Here is the UK based artist. “I produce paintings by hand. Currently I am focusing on celebrity culture as its a great way to connect with my audience. My pieces are very vibrant, sometimes abstract depending on my mood.”

Kiranjeet Kaur 2

Kiranjeet Kaur 3

Kiranjeet Kaur 4

Kiranjeet Kaur 5

Kiranjeet Kaur 6

MajorIndie Review: #RespecTheShooter ShowCase

#RespecTheShooter ShowCase

On Saturday August 9th, I headed to the #RespecTheShooter Art Showcase…………..

#RespecTheShooter is my ode to the art of depiction, capturing the life of a subject as opposed to the inanimate positioning of it. My appreciation of the skill of the one behind the lens as well as the beauty of the ones in front of the lens.

Yogi The Shooter

As I proceeded to Layla Lounge, I got lost. Layla lowkey is in the cut. I had to call Yogi to have him come outside so I knew the exact location. Turns out I was right in front of the lounge; it just has a small sign out front. I stepped into Layla and, to be honest, the outside does not do it justice. I walked in and the first floor had a beautiful bar with tables to the right. On the left you could see the set up where Marlee In The Mixx was set to perform. I walked upstairs and ran into a crowd of people. Musicians, fashion designers, and art lovers in general were in the building. I saw my man Jason (Creative Genius behind the EvryDyWknd movement) and told him what a great job he did in choosing a dope location. There was dope art work set up all over the walls. Additionally, there isn’t really anybody in the DMV area throwing showcases focusing on art. Vendors sold goods, and accompanying the love of art was live performance. That creativity should give you a small insight into the dopeness that is yet to come from the EvryDyWknd campaign.

First to bless the mic was Monty Cold. It is always hard being the first act because you have to work the hardest to win the crowd over. Monty did just that. Monty has a different style. A lot of rappers these days sound like each other. Monty is unique to put it simply. To be honest, I do not think he got his just due with the crowd. He made me curious. Best believe I will be digging into the archives of Mr. Cold.

Next up to bat was Scrap Dibiase. Scrap definitely played it smart. He had various members in the crowd doing call and response. As far as performance, I feel as though his was best planned. There were issues with mic but, like the veteran Scrap is, he managed to pull off a great performance having to switch microphones. Scrap used the floor well. I swear he his feet touched almost every inch of the floor upstairs. It was obvious by the end of the performance, that Scrap got the much earned respect from the crowd.

After a brief intermission, the showcase moved downstairs. Here is where I was introduced to Mia Sparrow. One word…Damn, Mia was turnt up. She definitely killed the show. She might have messed around and had the best performance of the night. The future is bright for this female MC. What was really dope is that she ended her set with some spoken word. I am going to take this week and dig through Mia’s music catalogue. She definitely has potential to make noise. With the lack of a presence in the female realm of hip-hop (outside of Nicki and Iggy), Mia can make a huge name for herself.

Dutch Capital took the stage next. I have heard about this Dutch guy before and I finally got a chance to see what the hype was about. Man, son had energy like no other. He could not stop moving. During his set he said, “Man, I wish I had a table to jump on.” He was dead serious too. Dutch mixes auto-tune in his lyrics. I am honestly tired of auto-tune, but surprisingly the sound actually kept my attention. He is on the Sneaker Pimps Tour and Dutch is grinder. You have to respect his hustle. He left the stage and the energy level of the Showcase was on a different level.

I had to step out so I know I missed one performance…

Last but definitely not least, Marlee In The Mixx ended the evening of performances. I have been anticipating seeing them for some months now. I love their music because the band has the ability to touch different genres. The live performance was crazy. They had the crowd moving, and their style is very different. Not all bands have a male and female singer. During the set, the drummer, Foots, did a chant. The chant really got the crowed amped up (especially Jason). Marlee, the lead female vocalist, had us rocking throughout the whole set. Marlee even, somehow, ended up finessing a picture with Dutch Capital mid performance.

Overall the #RespectTheShooter showcase was a great time. If you love art, music, or fashion, it was certainly the place to be. Do not miss out on future events because Jason, John, and Yogi (the men who put the showcase together) are looking to make game-changing moves. Any future event this team gives you is going to be nothing like any others in the DC, Maryland, or Virginia area. I am definitely looking forward to taking my SMIDgang brand behind my MajorIndie movement and collaborating because the EvryDyWknd is a lifestyle to which the world needs to be introduced.

Evil: Hear No, See No, Speak No

Emmett Till Trayvon Martin Mike Brown

The World Is Yours….

Ive Got The World In My Hands

Remember That

Too Clean: Female Artist Draws Realistic Portrait Of LeBron James


MajorIndie Spotlight: Orville The Poet

Orville The Poet

Born in Takoma Park, MD but grew up in Jamaica and Landover, MD; Orville Walker used a pen to get him through life experiences. Writing for several years he decided to share his work to the world in November of 2009 at 12th Street Lounge in Washington, DC.

Orville’s poems speak a vivid truth about the struggles of being an artist and staying constant and true to oneself. His poetry is for the voiceless that addresses the issues no others will speak of; it releases pent up emotions with his pen. Poetry has become his breath of fresh air, his meditation, and his therapy. His compelling words have been shared on several stages, in front of numerous audiences. Orville has been the featured poet at spoken word venues such as Busboys & Poets, Messiah & Friends, Indulj, Mood Lounge, and Just Wine, Cheese & Poetry.

Orville the Poet is one half of Brothers Placed to Motivate (BPM), a spoken word group formed by Anthony Passmore, aka Godson. BPM’s, founded in 2008, sole purpose is to dispel negative views on Blacks in the media and other social outlets by speaking a universal truth about the ways Blacks are portrayed. BPM hopes to reach their audiences through the power of spoken word.

Orville also commits himself to Speak Life, a mentoring program whose goal is to empower young people to see themselves outside of their current situations through mentoring, counseling and self expression through poetry.

Orville is currently in the studio completing his first album, The Soul of a Man and working on a book of collected poems.

Follow him on twitter & Instagram: @OrvilleThePoet

check out his website as well…

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