Action Bronson – Actin Crazy (Prod. By 40 and Omen)


K.eYe.D – Psychedelics

From the shroom ceremonies during ancient sacrifice to the tests done on humans to understand the “psychedelic”…eYe brings you through his travel to finding the light.

The Free Thoughts- Silent Thoughts


Brain Rapp- Not Today

New Brain Rapp. Maybe We Will Interview Him….but Not Today

DMV Mac- January 28th (cover)

Mac takes his chance at the 2014 Forest Hills Drive track

RIP Stuart Scott

Stuart Scott


MajorIndieArt got the privilege of witnessing the #UniteAgainstRacism event. This was a collaborative effort by artists to create a piece of visual art that embodied their unity against Racism. With the increased attention on police brutality against Black Men, it was refreshing to see artists using their strengths to do their own form of protests and express their feelings. The end piece was dope to say the least. Shout out to Christian Locke for coordinating the event. Peace to everybody that was involved.

“Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.” – Mattie Stepanek

Unite Against Racism 1 Unite Against Racism 2 Unite Against Racism 3 Unite Against Racism 4 Unite Against Racism 5 Unite Against Racism 6 Unite Against Racism 7

DMV Mac- MACnificent Intro (Piece Of Mind)

In anticipation of his upcoming project, Mac blesses us with the intro to his next LP…

Dutch Capital – Body (Prod. By Beat Da Knocker)

Dutchy is back at it……

Cawl Sted- Party In CawlVille Prod. KevThatsDope


AL Chike- Str84rumTheUnderground

AL Chike on the beat too…..This gives me thatr ol school No Limit feel. The DAN (Dope Ass Nigga) Str84rumTheUnderground

Ursula- Down With Me

Roquois – Smoke Free


Lyquin- Respect (Prod. by KenKen)

Lyquin is killing the streets…from his mixtape to the Party Girl track and now this. 301 Forever Lyquin gon hold it down.

Did HS Senior Hafid Yassin Throw Down the Best Dunk of 2015?

Save Our Sons

In the wake of the protests and activities around the country involving Black Males, students at Richard Wright Public Charter School created this public service announcement (PSA) to bring attention to individuals who have lost their lives. These dramatic interpretive performances were made to honor the victims and give voice to senseless violence that affects us all.

Inspired by: BUZZ FEED’s “Last Words” featuring images by Shirin-Banou Barghi
Music by: Michael Ortega – “It’s Hard To Say Goodbye”

29 Clever Drawings

Polish artist Pawel Kuczynski has worked in satirical illustration since 2004, specializing in thought-provoking images that make his audience question their everyday lives. His subjects deal with everything from social media to politics to poverty, and all have a very distinct message if you look closely enough…

Pawel Kuczynski 1 Pawel Kuczynski 2 Pawel Kuczynski 3 Pawel Kuczynski 4 Pawel Kuczynski 5 Pawel Kuczynski 6 Pawel Kuczynski 7 Pawel Kuczynski 8 Pawel Kuczynski 9 Pawel Kuczynski 10 Pawel Kuczynski 11 Pawel Kuczynski 12 Pawel Kuczynski 13 Pawel Kuczynski 14 Pawel Kuczynski 15 Pawel Kuczynski 16 Pawel Kuczynski 17 Pawel Kuczynski 18 Pawel Kuczynski 19 Pawel Kuczynski 20 Pawel Kuczynski 21 Pawel Kuczynski 22 Pawel Kuczynski 23 Pawel Kuczynski 24 Pawel Kuczynski 25 Pawel Kuczynski 26 Pawel Kuczynski 27 Pawel Kuczynski 28 Pawel Kuczynski 29 Pawel Kuczynski 30



Dj No Requests & Dj Nature Boi Presents DopeMoneyVagina Vol 2

With their third DMV compilation tape in the last month, Nature Boi and No Requests are taking no prisoners. DMV getting put on by #TeamNoRequests…….Lead By Example

Finally Free From Earthly Burdens

dope art

Lyquin- Party Girl (Prod.Kid Excluzive)


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